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What Are You Worth?

Kent Nolen

It's a rough economy. We all know that. Day after day, I see resumes on which it's clear that the owner has been regressing. I often find myself thinking "She has a graduate degree and all of that incredible experience, and she's a xxx."

A certain degree of this is to be expected. We do what we need to do in order to get by given the circumstances. I understand this. I also know, though, that in many cases a temporary "fallback"  becomes too permanent and starts to take a huge toll.

It shatters what you are really worth.

This post is for all of you who, for whatever reason, have had to readjust (downward) over the last few years. Start reclaiming your worth just as soon as you can. If you've got stellar experience, a great education…. whatever, you are worth more than you might think.

Figure out exactly what you are worth and don't settle for less. A lot of people will do the work you do for a lot less, but they are not you. Do you know what differentiates you? Do you have a crystal clear idea of the unique value you bring? Own it.

The push for productivity is driving down wages in many arenas. We need to stop this from becoming the standard. Decent credentials deserve a decent, living wage.

What are you worth?