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Seattle, WA 98116

(206) 201-2181

Tandem Powered offers a full suite of Professional Resume Writing, Career Development, and HR / Business Consulting services.

Getting Started

Getting Started




  • I am glad to have you as a client and look forward to our partnership! My goal is to leave you with powerful job search documents along with a bolstered sense of confidence and a new outlook on your career.

  • A very thorough and individualized process leads to the best results. Let me know if you have any kind of deadline or if you need an Expedited or Rush order; if I am able to facilitate it, I will provide a quote. You can also inquire about switching to Expedited or Rush service mid-project.

  • In addition to the end product, the price includes the entire consultative process, my professional fee, all preliminary items (questionnaire, etc.), any major/minor adjustments you'd like to see after the first draft, and – starting with the second draft – refinements, as necessary. It's a collaborative process so be sure to engage fully and proofread all drafts. We can tweak things until you are fully satisfied – for up to two weeks after you receive each document. That's my service guarantee.

  • I am typically able to respond to e-mails within 2 business days. Keep an eye on my e-mail footers for schedule information. To ensure accuracy and proper documentation (and for your convenience), all project elements are easily and efficiently completed via e-mail. Take whatever time you need to provide the best information.

  • While you are working on preliminary items – questionnaire, etc. – I will begin work on the framework of your new document(s). For your planning, our project will take a few weeks (unless we are working with Expedited or Rush service). Be sure to inquire early if you are interested in coaching/strategy sessions, as my phone slots fill up several weeks out.

  • Sometimes clients find it helpful to send along supplemental documents/information (performance appraisals, letters of recommendation, projects, etc.) for me to review. That's not a problem, but a supplemental fee may apply for lengthy documents.

  • Because – when you decide to move forward – you are paying for my general consulting services (not specific pieces of the project) and secure one of the limited spots I make available each month, payment is non-refundable. If you choose to delay / cancel our project for any reason, I am happy to reschedule you for up to six months in the future.

  • Tandem takes privacy/security seriously. Your file will be marked "Complete" (and may be securely deleted) after all the following have occurred: 1) you have made full payment, 2) you have received all of your documents and 3) I have received no feedback/correspondence from you for seven days.


  • I want to make certain that all of your needs are met. Be sure to confirm that you have selected the documents/package that will work best for you.

  • Only you know your experience, so I need as much quality foundational information as possible in order to generate exceptional content that presents you in the most favorable way. I do not fabricate experience, so take whatever time you need to ensure that you are providing the most useful information as we work through the process.

  • Your resume is a fluid document; it should change as your career progresses and as you learn more about yourself and your skills. Ideally, it will exude your strengths – those things you’re not only good at but also love to do (there’s a difference). It’s tough to construct a fantastic resume if it’s not imbued with energy for the work you are doing.

  • Your resume will not feel “perfect” if you’re not taking a comprehensive approach to your career development. What's going on behind your resume is very important.

  • The goal is to create the most effective resume possible. So, for example, a couple of fonts have been shown to screen the best with both computers and people. Would I select them outside of a resume? Maybe, maybe not. The same holds true when it comes to format. Adhering to formatting/content conventions that work more often than others, like them or not, will produce a resume that is more effective for you.


  • A great resume is a prerequisite - just one piece of the job-search puzzle. A resume, alone, will not get you an interview or a job. Be sure you are paying attention to other elements such as honing your interviewing skills and building a network.

  • People in general have a variety of personal opinions regarding resumes. Constructive criticism is always great. Remain open-minded when someone points out things such as potential errors or lines that don’t sound quite right. That kind of feedback keeps you in a frame of mind where you are always looking to fine-tune your resume. Be careful, though, of feedback that offers no value or is merely an opinion. You want a resume with incredible content / visual impact AND one that honors those standards which have proven most effective. Resist the urge to hit the panic button every time you receive feedback. Is it constructive or just an opinion?

  • Stay positive and proactive. It can be tough when navigating a career change, but negativity doesn't work out too well for most people.

  • Feel free to keep an eye on my blog for helpful information and advice.