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Tandem Powered offers a full suite of Professional Resume Writing, Career Development, and HR / Business Consulting services.


Your Career




It's important to stay focused on the long-term health and momentum of your career. 

Your career might be in good shape now, but do you have a vision for your future and have you identified the steps it will take to get there?



Ask about Tandem's Toolkit, which includes a suite of job search documents and an introduction to your strengths and aptitudes. 


Consulting Sessions focus on sharing expertise on a specific topic (interviewing strategy, salary negotiation strategy etc.). Each session is 50 minutes. I also offer Spark Sessions, focusing on providing quick advice, addressing clients' pressing issues – a career crossroads, a workplace dilemma, tips on approaching a difficult conversation, etc. Each Spark session is 20 minutes.

Coaching Sessions focus on increasing awareness and prompting discovery surrounding a topic (career growth/mapping, change management, strengths discovery, etc.). These sessions are not focused on problem solving or providing answers. Each session is 50 minutes (and coaching typically requires multiple sessions).

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common questions and concerns

When is the right time to consider career development? It’s always the right time. Career development should be ongoing, occurring no matter what your “job situation” is at any given time. The most successful and fulfilled people are those who have a vision for their future and who have created a path that’s both rewarding and challenging.

What’s the best way to “jump into” career development activities? Check out the introduction to my Coaching/Consulting services (above). A simple Spark session – discussing a client’s current situation – is often exactly what’s needed to make the path forward clear, leading to the identification of next steps (individual activities, coaching, etc.)

I feel ambivalent about my resume. The ambivalence you feel just might be about more than your resume. Many people find that, as the years go by, they become increasingly dispassionate about their resumes. Oftentimes, it turns out that this sort of detachment is related to what the resume represents - a career that might be off track.

I am having difficulty identifying my strengths. Any suggestions? This is a fairly common struggle for clients, as many are out of touch with exactly what their strengths are. As I often say, there can be a difference between what you’re good at and your strengths. Consider whether your job calls on your true strengths or merely those things that you can do well. Ambivalence comes to the surface when, over time, authentic strengths are underutilized.

Why aren’t my strengths and what I’m good at the same thing? You can be taught or trained to do something well. A strength, on the other hand, is something that you have a natural talent for. There’s a lot more to it, but that gives you a way to start looking at the distinction. Consider Tandem's Toolkit, which includes a suite of job search documents and an introduction to your strengths and aptitudes. 

What advice do you give people, like me, who are in a long term rut? Obviously, a career rut can stem from a number of things – especially as we navigate an uncertain world economy. The worst kind of career rut, though, is one that’s tied to simply going through the motions. Are you following a cookie-cutter career path – one that is predetermined? Real satisfaction surfaces when you have a genuine appetite for the work you are doing. Also, it’s important to note that the professional side of things is just one piece of this dynamic puzzle. Professional satisfaction is not likely to occur unless you’re paying attention to all dimensions of your life.

It’s too late for me to make a career shift. I’ve been in my job for over 15 years. The work you’re doing should “feel” right or you’ll likely find yourself in a perpetual state of unease. Because constructive career development is all about tapping into your authentic talents and getting closer to who you already are, it’s incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. Remaining on the wrong path – no matter your age or career level – is actually the much riskier choice.