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Tandem Powered offers a full suite of Professional Resume Writing, Career Development, and HR / Business Consulting services.

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Tandem Powered's blog is dedicated to empowering readers by highlighting best practices in the arena of resume writing, career development, and organizational effectiveness, as well as by providing readers with an insider's view of the corporate hiring process.

Best Interview Advice

Kent Nolen

Go to your refrigerator and pour yourself a glass of champagne.

Raise a glass with me.


The job market currently favors candidates. Unemployment is low, so employers are having to work extra hard to compel the best candidates to work for them.

What does this mean? Well, getting interviews will, in most cases, be easier.

Just don’t mess up the interview.

I always cringe when I ask someone how an interview went and they reply with some version of “I think they liked me.”

Although you definitely want to come across as likable, likability should not be your first priority.

In my work on the other side of the table (HR / Business consulting), I often consult with companies on senior level hires. While hiring panels are never upset about a candidate’s likability, the hiring panel is most interested in how well you meet the requirements for the job.

In most cases, your interviews will be Behavioral in nature. Wow your interviewers with robust examples of how you nailed the skill in question. If they aren’t asking about areas where you align well with the job, tell them (ideally at the end of the interview when they ask if there is anything else you’d like them to know).

Don’t let good chemistry with interviewers fool you. When it comes down to it, a quality organization will first stack candidates up in terms of how they each meet the qualifications for the job. Your success hinges on your ability to outline how qualified you are. If your killer personality comes through while you do that, even better.

Oh, and keep your responses succinct. As I said in this post on how to handle video interviews, no one likes a candidate who blabs on and on and on.

Let’s review:

  1. Ensure they know how well you align with the job requirements.

  2. Be likable.

  3. Keep your responses swift, upbeat, and to the point.

Behind the Numbers

Kent Nolen

People find it hard to include clear achievements on a resume, but even when they do, they still tend to miss the mark by not speaking to underlying actions or strategy. Here are some tips for writing effective, compelling achievments on your resume.

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Why You Shouldn't Over Talk

Kent Nolen

Most hiring professional prefer concise, easy-to-read resumes. But that doesn’t mean they are following their own advice when creating their own resumes. Here’s why.

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The Most Dreaded Interview Question

Kent Nolen

"What are your biggest weaknesses?" is a universally dreaded interview question, but it doesn’t need to be. Knowing why the question exists and how to answer it well can make all the difference.

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Comprehensive Career Management

Kent Nolen

I am the first to say that powerful job search documents are only a part of a successful career management plan. That is why I place so much emphasis on the entire process; I want clients to walk away with a success orientation and the kind of bolstered confidence that can change their career trajectory. Projects are about a lot more than a new resume, and that’s why I love what I do.

Starting in 2019, full service clients will walk away from their projects with the guide, Beyond an Outstanding Resume. The guide outlines 12 tactics for comprehensively managing your career.

The suggestions in Beyond an Outstanding Resume serve as guideposts to point clients in the right direction, helping them to comprehensively navigate their path to achieving the ultimate professional goal: Career Fulfillment – not merely “looking for a job” when necessary.

Your Relationship with Change and Growth

Kent Nolen

Happy New Year!

I am often asked for my “best” career advice. People want to know what will help them succeed in their job, the interview, their annual review, etc.

This comes up a lot. Especially at the start of a new year.

Of course, my responses change depending on the topic and the employment environment at any given time, but right now I’m seeing a lot of missteps when it comes to one thing:

Change and Growth Orientation

Increasingly, top employers are looking for agility and action. They are most interested in job candidates who can demonstrate a track record of action (via an outstanding resume and stellar interviewing skills) and who are actively taking steps to become better and better at what they do.

Simply put, employers want to know that you have fresh ideas and are currently engaged in growing your career and knowledge base.

When I am consulting to help a company with a high-level hire, this is an area that will often separate the “good” candidates from the “excellent” candidates.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I aware of current cutting-edge practices in my field?

  • Can I demonstrate my domain expertise and am I prepared to speak to the aspects of my field that have my attention right now?

  • Am I able to communicate a passion and a distinct point of view regarding where my field is heading.

Remember, the demand for organizations to rapidly evolve demands that they have talent who can lead that change. So, hiring someone who knows where any given domain is headed isn’t just a nice to have; it is critical to a company’s success. Be that person.

Welcome to 2019. Remember, if you need help with the next steps in your career, change starts here at Tandem Powered!

How to Deal with Overlapping Jobs on a Resume

Kent Nolen

It is increasingly common for employees to hold multiple roles at once, which can make it really tricky to effectively capture your experience on a resume or LinkedIn. Here are some tips for dealing with overlapping experience on your resume.

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Happy Holidays and Thanks

Kent Nolen

I find a great deal of fulfillment every day in working with best-in-class companies and talented, hard-working individuals who are striving to build fulfilling careers and lives. I find joy in learning about the work my clients do, often quietly, to make things better for their organizations, their customers, and – most importantly – themselves and their families.

Again this year, as I celebrate the holidays and toast the new year, I will be thinking about how grateful I am to work with such incredible people and how fulfilled I am in helping people make positive steps forward in their career. 

Thank you and happy holidays!

Here are three questions to consider as you reflect and prepare for the year ahead:

  1. What did I like/dislike about my career in 2018?

  2. Do I have a vision for what I want my career to look like in 2019?

  3. Have I outlined steps and actions to make progress toward that vision?