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Tandem Powered offers a full suite of Professional Resume Writing, Career Development, and HR / Business Consulting services.


Tandem Powered's blog is dedicated to empowering readers by highlighting best practices in the arena of resume writing, career development, and organizational effectiveness, as well as by providing readers with an insider's view of the corporate hiring process.


Kent Nolen

Tandem believes in the importance of giving back. A couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to CARE, Tandem's current Charity of Choice selection. Being an active advocate for the work that they do to fight poverty, I am a big believer in CARE's mission. Each year, as people settle into Autumn and begin to think about the giving season ahead, I like to lend some blog space to the importance of empowering others and creating a world where everyone has a chance to succeed.

Last year, I introduced a promotion, Give Back - Get a Deal, that was a big hit. So, it was a very easy decision to run a similar promotion again this year. Here are the details of what's happening...

New customers who 1) provide proof of a current charitable donation and 2) purchase Tandem's Toolkit (a resume along with individualized and customizable templates for the following:  cover letter, thank-you letter, resume follow-up letter), will receive BOTH:

  • A version of your new resume and cover letter targeted to a position of your choosing (so you can see exactly how it's done!).
  • A repurposed version of your freshly minted resume suitable for posting on LinkedIn, etc.

Tandem's standard October promotion gives clients one OR the other.  If you're someone who gives back, you get both.

So, you’ll get outstanding new job search documents AND the great feeling that comes with giving back. You can’t beat that. Just be sure to mention this blog post when you make your initial contact.

Across the world, we're all connected - we have to watch out for one another. Please take a moment to contribute to your own favorite charity and/or check out CARE. Then get in touch to be set up with a complete - and I do mean complete - set of job search documents.

Have questions? Please send off an e-mail.