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On Entry Level Resumes and Passive Job searches

Kent Nolen

I just read an e-mail that is very common in my inbox. This one is from a recent college graduate – looking for "entry level" jobs – who has no related experience. Having spent years before/during college in jobs to simply get by, he asks how to translate this general experience into an effective resume. This is why internships, or even industry related volunteer experience, is so important. In this economic climate, your competition will be bringing it – you should too. Having said that, many graduates don't have those types of experiences.  If that's your situation, you have to learn to lean into – and articulate – the transferable skills that you do have from your life/work experience. It's your job to present yourself as a "fit" for the positions you are pursuing. Hopefully, by the time you sit down to write your resume, you will have thought of this.

This e-mailer also inquired about another all to common job-search approach. I will repeat advice that I've given before...

He said that his number one goal was ending up with a resume that got more “hits” on job oriented websites. Upon inquiring further, I learned that, as part of his job search, he (like so many others) was doing nothing other than posting his resume. He has been operating under the belief that one only has to post his/her resume to multiple sites before sitting back and waiting for companies to call.

For many of you it goes with out saying that, especially in this tight job market, you have to play an active role in your job search. In most cases, you can’t simply put your resume out there and expect something to happen.

As I regularly delve into here on this blog, a fantastic resume is a key component of a successful job search – but only one componentCheck out more on that.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can take any sort of passive role when it comes to finding work. With the unemployment rate as high as it is, companies (recruiters / hiring managers) aren’t going to go out of their way to find you. You need to get a top-notch resume into their hands, and you need to follow up diligently.

Are you doing what you can to ensure you are presenting yourself a top candidate? Are you taking steps to ensure that you have a comprehensive job search plan?

If not, you're not set up for success.

Send off an e-mail if you need help getting on track. I am happy to help.