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No, The Resume Is Still Not Dead

Kent Nolen

A while back, I wrote The Resume Is Not Dead following a spate of articles sounding a death knell for the tried-and-true job search document. At that time, LinkedIn had just announced its “Apply With LinkedIn” button, which many touted as the final nail in the resume’s coffin. The resume has persevered.

So why does the resume remain the law of the land in an increasingly connected and technically savvy world?  Here is the truth of why the resume is here to stay, and why that is a good thing.

Resumes work: Many would argue that resumes don’t work because they are not getting the responses they had hoped for. That is not because the resume is ineffective; ineffective resumes are ineffective. Concise, engaging and accomplishment-focused resumes are still a great way to communicate your potential value and pique readers’ interest.

Resumes are relatively uncomplicated: I chuckle when I read the enthusiastic responses to articles claiming that video or infographic resumes are the new way forward.  Creating a resume can be a real struggle for many.  But... imagine the barrier to entry being, say, a well-produced video or a beautifully designed infographic resume that tells your story in a completely novel way! I’m sure many would be pining for the “old days” of resumes.

Resumes conform to the systems that exist: Most companies tend to take the slow road when it comes to adopting new technology. That is especially true of HR. Additionally, many have adopted systems to manage the heavy volume of resumes they receive (the much maligned automated screening systems). While new ways of promoting yourself may be disruptive, they often won’t make it through the systems that are currently in place.

As I have said before, I applaud people for pushing the boundaries and developing creative ways of marketing themselves. The landscape is changing – but not that quickly. I maintain that a powerful resume needs to be the centerpiece of any job search.