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Designed Resumes - Know Your Audience

Kent Nolen

A few days ago, I provided resume tips for designers and creatives where I suggested that these professionals can have two versions of their resumes – a standard resume and a “designed” resume. This post sparked an interesting conversation over social media about when it would be appropriate to use the designed version and when one should apply with the standard version. As I have shared in posts about infographic resumes and other “cutting edge” approaches, it is critical to know your audience. A few more thoughts...

  • If you are applying via standard channels (i.e. you are not handing your resume to a the head of the creative team) to a non-design focused organization – like a corporation with an in-house design / creative team – then a more standard resume would be a smart move. This will ensure your that your resume “plays nice” with resume screening systems and, beyond that, that it appeals to readers in HR.
  • You never know when a company is going to be using automated resume screening software, so using your standard resume is always a safe bet (sometimes you can find "clues" on the organization's website). Having said that, I think it is okay to provide a designed resume right up front if you are applying to a small, design focused company. In a smaller organization, it is more likely that all members of the team share a similar vision and will appreciate a more unique approach.
  • The beauty of having two versions is that you can always provide the "designed" resume during the interview process.
  • And one more thing: regardless of which resume you choose to use, make sure that you are driving readers to your on-line portfolio, which should be a natural extension of your resume.