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Seattle, WA 98116

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Tandem Powered offers a full suite of Professional Resume Writing, Career Development, and HR / Business Consulting services.

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About / FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Tandem Powered's Professional Resume Writing, Career Development, and HR / Business consulting services.

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Answers to Common Questions



Why should I choose Tandem Powered for Resume / Career Development services?
I have a track record of success, using my personalized approach to help clients take successful next steps in their careers. Currently, my client portfolio is largely referrals (about 70%). No compliment is greater than a client entrusting me with a family member or friend. You can read testimonials here.

What is your philosophy / approach?
My primary aim is to inspire both individuals and organizations to adopt a Change mindset. That’s the best way for me to help you see and present yourself in the best light possible. My approach is centered around my ability to uncover your key achievements, strengths, and attributes using my full range of competencies. My experience working in HR and leadership positions gives me an edge; I know what recruiters and hiring managers (and computerized screeners!) want to see. It’s about much more than a resume.

The inauguration of Tandem was sparked by the desire to improve organizations via progressive, new-school Human Resources and to ignite individuals' careers via career development activities and resumes that inspire success and forward trajectory. 

In addition to over 15 years of applicable professional experience, I hold a Graduate degree (MBA) and earned Professional Human Resources Certification. Additionally, I have an Undergraduate education in Business, Psychology, and Writing.

Why shouldn’t I write my own job search documents?
I used to think that way too. The first time I really examined this question was as a business leader and HR professional whose mind was boggled over seeing so many subpar resumes. I learned that, even if we write well, we don’t really see ourselves objectively and, therefore, don’t present ourselves in the most favorable way possible on a resume. Trust me.

I don't know the first thing about what makes a good resume. Any tips?
You'll find all sorts of helpful information as you click around this site. I answer common resume questions and get into a lot of specifics on the blog. Also, I created a page dedicated to the things I am most often asked about. I've called it a "starter kit" of information; it will provide you with a nice overview of tips and ideas.

What differentiates you in terms of your specific process?
I pride myself on my highly individualized process that goes far beyond writing great content; I have a passion for my work and am always looking for ways to maximize each client’s experience based on my broad skill set.  I want every client to leave with high quality documents and – even more than that – a clearer idea of her/his attributes and potential. For instance, Tandem's Toolkit is a package that includes all of the essential job search documents and my popular YouFinder survey, which gives clients critical insight into what makes them tick.

What are the Career Coaching / Consulting services you offer?
You can learn more here.

Do you use a standard template and basic questions to collect information?
Far from it! You'll start out by responding to my foundational questionnaire, but that's just the beginning. Based on what's uncovered, I'll send off targeted questions and ideas that apply to your specific situation. It's about getting to the information (and deciding on a format) that best highlights your attributes and distinguishes you as a job candidate. See the Resumes / Career page for more specifics of the process.

So I’ll work directly with you? Do you have a staff?
Because I now have a large referral base (and also do business/HR consulting work across the globe), my available slots typically fill up quickly. My experience/background is a significant part of what differentiates my top-notch services, so I will not dilute the individualized nature of my services by expanding. Depending on my project load at any given time, I do have people that assist with client on-boarding and behind-the-scenes things, and an Operations Manager, Caanan, who keeps the business and projects in order.

How long does your process take?
It depends; every situation is different. The core process is conveniently completed via the Internet/e-mail – whenever your schedule permits. It's very flexible and works great because clients can take the time they need to work through the process in a manner thats optimally effective for them. When you make your initial contact, be sure to let me know if you have a specific deadline in mind. Again, because I also do work as a consultant (and am traveling a lot), I often have a full schedule. At times, though, I can facilitate an expedited or rush order. 

Do you create resumes for people: in executive-level positions? In different parts of the world?
I have extensive experience creating resumes for people in senior-level / executive positions. The approach I use for these senior-level clients has proven to be especially effective, and they now account for the largest segment of my client base. Although I am based in the United States, I help people in locations all over the world.

What if I don’t even have a resume?
I help many people in the same boat. Other people have different needs: a resume targeted for government work, a resume that suits a new career, a LinkedIn profile, or perhaps a CV. Let me know what you’re looking for.

My resume is great, but I can’t seem to interview successfully.
I aim to bolster my clients’ success across the entire job search process. As more and more clients have started to realize that there are many dimensions to career management and a successful job search, many have asked for my guidance along the way. Ask about adding on strategizing/coaching sessions if you are interested.

What’s the cost? How is payment handled? Are credit cards accepted?
I use my web store, PayPal or Square to process all payments. All options are 100% secure and accept credit cards. Because my process is highly individualized, there is no “standard” price. Once I learn about your specific situation, I can provide an exact quote. 

What about file formats, security, and privacy?
Your resume can be formatted in a variety of ways, including: Word .doc, PDF, and ASCII. I understand your concerns about security and privacy. For more information, read Tandem’s Privacy Policy.

Do you have client testimonials?
You can read in-depth client feedback here.  Past clients are Tandem's best advocates.

What if I have other questions?
Please send off an e-mail. I want you to have all of your questions answered. Only with highly personalized service can I offer top-notch job search documents and career development services. 


Why should I choose Tandem for Business / HR Consulting?
My experience and advanced education provide a solid foundation of knowledge, and my deep experience showcases a track record of success. I excel at helping organizations to thrive by taking key initiatives to the next level. My outside, unbiased eye and collaborative, no-nonsense approach are what differentiate my services.

What area(s) do you specialize in?
A majority of the consulting work I do is in strategy-bolstering HR, Marketing, and Brand initiatives (see the services page for details). Most of the time, I'm helping organizations with short-term initiatives that can benefit from a neutral, outside eye.

What are your credentials?
In addition to 15+ years of relevant experience, I have a Graduate degree (MBA w/ an emphasis in Global Business/HR).

How does it work?
Most projects can occur at a distance, but – at times – onsite collaboration is essential. Get in touch with some details of your situation, and I can outline some ideas and suggest the most effective approach.


Kent (right) founded Tandem Powered over a decade ago.

Depending on the specifics of your project, you’ll work with Kent and/or Caanan (left), who’s an operations, HR, and management expert whose second set of eyes are a value-add for clients.